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You can protect your family and home investment by applying for Mortgage Protection Insurance.


Home n Work Mortgages will send your quote request to a national insurance broker, called Broker Plus. Your mortgage consultant and the insurance broker work together to find you the best rates and right mortgage protection plan.


Types of Coverage Being Offered To You


Life Insurance – in the event of your death, your outstanding mortgage balance will be fully paid.

Disability Insurance – Your monthly mortgage payments are made for you during your disability period. This benefit is in
addition to any other group medical benefits you might receive and no taxes are assessed to this benefit.

Critical Illness Insurance – Up to twenty four monthly mortgage payments will be paid if you are diagnosed with a covered critical illness. Covered critical illnesses include – heart attack, cancer, stroke, kidney failure and coronary bypass surgery.

Loss of Job Insurance – If you are approved for life insurance coverage, you can also apply for involuntary unemployment coverage. Benefits are paid up to $1,200 per month for maximum of 6 months if your employer lays you off or permanently ends your employment.


Simple Approval Process - Simple to enroll!


There is only one short form to complete ... with less than 5 questions... that require a simple yes or no answer. If you’re healthy you won’t have to be concerned with medical examinations, or more health questions – your approval for mortgage insurance will be automatic and immediate.



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