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Ever heard of the phrase ‘the name says it all?’ Well, with Home n Work our name really does, because we handle all types of residential (home) and commercial (work) mortgage lending. We offer the following types of mortgage financing:


Conventional Residential: When life is good; with a stable income and OK credit you will be offered the very best interest rates and terms in Canada. With us, just one credit report and we can access literally dozens of lenders to find you the very best deal.

Private Mortgages: When life has experienced a ‘bump in the road’ we are here to help you. In good times and bad Home n Work will be there for you, to help you solve your problems, payoff your debts, improve your cash flow – and even save your home! We have access to millions of available dollars to help you solve your financial challenges with compassion and non-judgment. We are here for the long haul, and we will get you conventional and normal again.

Commercial Lending: Interested in build-ing a hotel, apartment building or a new commercial building? Our commercial lending expertise can make your dream into a reality. Whether a build, a refinance or a purchase we can arrange for your financing.


Unique Expertise

Home n Work believes in a ‘shared knowledge’ concept from within our Canadian mortgage broker network. This means that we share lender incentive giveaways, rate sales, preferred pre-payment options throughout our network and to you–our valued client. All our marketing systems and research is shared in an ‘all for one and one for all’ philosophy that equals better savings and advice for you.


Your Personal Mortgage Consultant—For Life!

Unlike banks, and other mortgage brokerage houses where your file can be passed from one stranger to the next, at Home n Work you engage your own personal mortgage consultant that will keep your file, and service you, until you no longer require a mortgage. The file is actually ‘vested’ with your own personal mortgage consultant of your choosing; and that mortgage consultant will service you personally with a long-term commitment that lasts for years and years.


‘Our First Interests Are In Your Best Interests’ ®

Our Company was founded with the above principle. We will seek the right solution each time. Like a cared for family member we will make the right decision on how best to fund your mortgage with costs, rates and terms all being considered. Whether you are looking towards conventional residential lending, private lending or commercial lending Home n Work will be there to serve you – there will not be any reason to go anywhere else! Home n Work will always be your first choice and last stop for a trusted full scope mortgage broker that will be there for you for the long term.

We look forward to working for you.


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